Procurement? What does it mean?

Procurement is “ensuring that what is needed is present and/or happening at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantity, of the right quality, of the right type and at the right price”.

Procurement is originally a concept from the army; the English “procure” means “to arrange something, to organize something, “so something is obtained”, because at the front it is very desirable, once face to face with the enemy, for example, to have the right ammunition for the right weapon that you use.

So it has a lot, if not everything to do with logistics, but finding sources (suppliers) for materials, goods and services, purchasing, the progress and quality control and transport of such are also included.

Below you find a summary of the building, advice and design activities that + vision carries out (inter) nationally.

+ vision is all round specialized and delivers labour and services that go from demolishing to restoration or building new. From steel and concrete constructions to the installation of heating, lighting and sensitive electronics. From bathroom and kitchen to stairs and elevators. From assistance, supervision quality control to advice, design and concept development.

(list to be added)